• What is it exactly?
    The EPK we offer is an online document that will summarize various aspect and information about an artist, an event, a project. It has a great flexibility and can include your social networks links, Bio, tour dates,, album(s) info, songs/Mp3s, Photo gallery, contact info, video can be inserted as well. The custom design can target either your audience and/or industry people (with links to download copy - Hi-res pictures mp3s etc (particularly convenient for press people, you provide them your EPK's link then they will have access to your project's files through various formats/resolutions, helping them to do their work more efficiently, in return it will provide you more exposure etc...)

    You provide us the raw components such as the copy, hi-res pictures, mp3s, etc.. and will assemble your EPK in a professional way that will enable you to market your project online more efficiently.
    If you think an element ( ie pics/ video/ audio) could be missing, in most cases you can create it for you.
    For further information and delivery requirements please
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