• Why would I spend so much on a music video ?
    There's no secret why a record label wants to spend as little as possible on new independent artists. For an indy artist it is a long term investment and a matter of credibility. Ultimately the message that is sent is: I'm taking my career seriously and I'm willing to do what it takes to have it moving forward (ie: finance your video(s) the same way you already probably did with the record/album) it is just a step further. A music video shot in professional format or DV definitely creates a sense of professionalism. A label looks at it as one less thing they have to pay for in releasing your music. You become attractive if a label has limited expenses to expose your act. That along with the simple fact that you are immediately ready for national and international television exposure on networks like MTV. You will own the master of your video and be able to use it as you wish (ie: sale on iTunes and other portals) In the real world the bottom line is money!!! Finally If you are not able to bet on and/or believe in yourself, who will? BACK TO TOP